if start

 if make money starts to be easy and fast for me like an movement

you get fascinated by the way I live at the moment

Will you start to treat better than, don’t you?

not afraid I’m proud about this way I even walked thru

my footsteps not surrounding

like I’m at the same wind

work hard not made people soft

no pain no gain it’s the rule

smooth first

technique at the heavy right side punch

times I take a lot of that fucking anguish

like always I’m be the wrong

my ever try to be better than I woked up

what a fuck! what’s the hole?

all that problems chasing me

I’m starting to being magnetic

f*k! my loneliness intentional

brain damage almost at hundred per cent

no new friends an option

season not open to opinions it’s over

listen to me

modern warfare 

we living at that world

no adept to the assassins creed

but apt to compete at game

that’s my killer instinct

lot of sins that I’ll never forgive me

but I keep walking. moving ahead

still liking hot drinks same way as I like the bitches

by this point I’m hating both

to much things are involved

the first who I am

and the second who are you!

what happens between us directly affected by these answers 

windfalls make great headlines

calm sea no guarantee a nice travel

tomorrow is another weather

I’ve got more than I want

pick up all the things together 

seems I buy my pants with expansive pockets

I drop everything on it

can’t I change who I am

the haters can’t be me

even if they try do this

some of the niggas come to game to be the same of another ones

I’m not the same just another

not a number one

but a man

anyone can be yourselves

we picking up trash and dropping diamonds

we get paid to do this

want quite a bit of coming back money

accumulating into my bank account 

more than I waste

much more than it costs

calculating no more 

‘who give that’ not give em

they know nothing about David

maybe thousand million bucks to see me be happy

to see that bitch wanting to get me back

like it’s not an bad choice anymore

I’ve listen:

“money doesn’t grow up on trees unless you plant the right seed”


the beat start sounding like it’s complete

the bass surrounding

it seems I’m being good at

I be the next at lead I spoiled 

don’t believe in em

they never tell the truth

every moment I’m planning the next move

improved my rhymes and the rhythm

that niggas not able to copy 

my style autentique is

fuck that my geniusly

if you’re starting talk an lie prefer to be silenced

so if I can’t talk the truth I’ll be quiet.