A man cry funs
she wants to smile a lot
every fucking seccond of that hole life
she be my love no more like a new life I've got
I changed everything in my own
to be better than
I'm not afraid to be free and young
living broked, pissed off and shy
not too old
get fuck off away from here
I'm done about
was my last attempt before I give a fuck
don’t pay attention

“she only talk shits
telling lies about us”
my fault was fall in love with
put on mind that she's a part of
!she likes to cause damage on me
can't she loves
she'll like the
same way as she like to shake the ass


I've got the key and I keep the rythm on
can you lick me wile I drop rhymes like that
get to know how I do magic

don't pay for pussy
even if I like to much
I do RAPs like I am an robot
the niggas ever try to defeat me
but they're not abble to broke the poetry that's inside me
really I wanna be alone
alone with my cake it's no funny
I've no big friends and found no love
not my birthday but I celebrate today with em
so I don't know what I'm celebrating
I still celebrating and getting high like I'm living in Amsterdam
that book static oppened at table
empty bottles around it, they know nothing about David!

east side rhymming the bitches go down
can you kick while I'm unprotected
on guard of your high punch
pain casted in a laminated cut
can't you block when I drop the supreme sword